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Welcome To  - The B2B Travel Marketplace

Vietnam’s leading B2B marketplace platform for inbound and outbound travel trade

B2B Travel marketplace booking portal with the best price of hotels, Tours and packages for travel buyer.

The Hotel B2B distribution system manages hotels and resorts and maximize your profit adequately and precisely.

Founded in 2017, is Vietnam’s leading B2B travel portal for inbound and outbound travel trading. We connect travel buyers with a well selected portfolio of travel suppliers around the world for a wide range of travel products and services including but not limited to hotels, tours, packages, and vouchers.

With a majority of hotel and tour bookings still generated through B2B channels, creates a marketplace platform where travel suppliers and travel buyers are connected directly with each other without an intermediary such as a wholesaler. This will help both the supplier and the buyer minimize their selling and acquiring costs and streamlining operation costs, which improves their margin significantly.

For travel suppliers, features a user-friendly Extranet from which suppliers can manage their products, availability and selling price easily in just a matter of minutes.

For travel buyers, offers a seamless online booking experience where travel agents can search, compare, book and pay instantly and securely; while at the same time, we help travel suppliers to streamline their sales operation, maximize market coverage, and gain more bookings and revenue from B2B channel.

With its smart features, joining allows travel buyers and travel suppliers to participate actively in the global travel trade at minimal cost to grow their businesses.

BedAllocator is a Vietnam’s smart B2B distribution manager designed exclusively for hotels and resorts. With BedAllocator, hotels and resorts can manage contracts and bookings from their B2B accounts effortlessly through its feature-rich solution, including: Account Management, Rate Plan Management, Allotment Management, or Multi-property Management.

BedAllocator allows hotels and resorts to create their own B2B booking portal where B2B accounts can sign up and book directly from the website at contracted rates. Hotels and resorts can easily free up a large amount of time and human resource previously invested in managing contracts and bookings from B2B accounts. Instead, they can spend more time engaging with these accounts, build stronger relationship and generate more bookings and revenue at reduced costs.

Hotels and resorts using BedAllocator have an option to activate our Marketplace Model, with which hotels and resorts can list their properties on, the leading B2B marketplace platform in a matter of clicks, empowering them to reach hundreds of travel agencies around the world and maximize bookings and revenue for their properties.

BedAllocator also helps B2B accounts such as travel agents or corporates improve their hotel booking experience. Without the need for emails, telephones or faxes, they can easily search, book and pay directly on the hotel’s B2B booking portal created by BedAllocator. For travel agents, this means reduced lead time and improved conversion rate to help them close deals with their customers faster.

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