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BedLinker.com – The One-stop B2B Travel Marketplace for Travel Buyers

BedLinker.com is an online B2B marketplace which connects travel buyers with suppliers around the world for a wide range of travel products and services including, but not limited to, accommodation, restaurants, excursions and amusement parks.

Why Join BedLinker.com?

With BedLinker.com, you have instant access to over 170,000 hotel properties and choices of excursions and activities in more than 10,000 destinations around the world. It is now easier than ever for you to search, compare and book for your customers with best prices, secure online payment and instant confirmation.

Key Features of BedLinker.com

  • Comprehensive Inventory -Large inventory of accommodation, restaurants, excursions, amusement parks and transfers in major tourist destinations around the world.

  • Competitive Buying Rates -Enjoy the most competitive prices from us so you can put together the best offer for your customers and win business for your agency.

  • Robust Technology - Optimize your operation with cutting edge travel technology and gain higher profit margin through operational efficiency.

  • Instant Confirmation - Waste no time on the regular booking process with instant confirmation from suppliers through our platform.

  • Secure Online Payment- BedLinker.com is integrated with leading global payment gateway so you can feel secure while making online payment with us.

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